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I ONLY MEANT TO STAY A WHILE - World 8: Shax Land [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I ONLY MEANT TO STAY A WHILE [Jan. 29th, 2006|09:55 pm]
[Current Music |Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight]

OTAKON ARTIST ALLEY UPDATE: Artists got pissed. Rachel Ann ducked out for a bit and let Otakorp, Inc. President/Otakon 2006 Chairman Jim Vowles field questions, and while he was able to answer some questions, he also served to muddle things even further by waffling on what, exactly, can be considered parody (which, according to the policy at the moment, is the only type of fanart that will be allowed on the Alley). Things got ugly when a few protestors worded their posts in such a way as to allow Rachel Ann to interpret them as personal attacks against her, and she played the wounded victim, which led to Jim and the VP of Otakorp swooping in like the calvary and locking the thread after eight pages of replies.


RACHEL ANN: "HEY GUYS, exciting changes to the Artist Alley! Spaces are bigger (and more expensive!), uki-uki kawaii ribbons for EVERYBODY!, ABSOLUTELY NO FANART WHATSOEVER (and you whiny infringers can go DIRECTLY TO HELL), and signposts to show dumbass customers exactly where they are in the Artist Alley!

ONE OR TWO SYCOPHANTS: "Yay no fanart! u so win a million shiny interntes!"


JIM VOWLES: "Will you idiots stop freaking out?! All policies are currently under review! I don't know WHAT we're going to do about those doujinshi sellers in the Dealer's Room, but that's a different department. Art Auction is also a different department. So are cosplay, AMV, and everything else that infringes on trademarks that probably won't have a damn thing done about them."

RACHEL ANN: "I appreciate your concerns but FUCK Y'ALL. I've been the VICTIM of copyright infringement! Someone stole my church's puppet show!"

VAST MAJORITY OF ARTISTS: "What the hell ever, man. See y'all at Katsucon/AX/ACEN."

AWILGUS: "Seems to me Rachel Ann is trying to tell us that fanart is inferior and wrong and is trying to push through rules to ban it. I don't think she actually cares about what us artists think."



(thread is unlocked about sixteen hours later, more protest posts)

BUT DUDE, this is stuff people are taking SERIOUSLY. I mean, 45 replies to my last post!? That's crazy! This journal isn't for that kind of serious debate- it's for stupid random crap nobody but me cares about (and also the occasional terrible porn picture). So hey, let's tip the delicate balance back towards chaos by tying up a loose plot thread from last year!

Well, this one's actually pretty simple, and I'm sure you've all guessed by now. Fact is, I was already planning my Otakon 2006 Art Auction centerpiece: a horde of sci-fi/fantasy heroes- from movies, books, comics, TV programs, live-action or cartoon, Eastern Hemisphere or Western Hemisphere- in hot pursuit of the Daicon IV Bunny Girl.


Okay, so maybe y'all HADN'T guessed. I've mentioned Daicon IV precisely once before this (that I can remember, anyway)- I learned of its existence through a post by The Reverend Brandon Teel, who also provided a bit of backstory, so check the entry out- but for those of you on a STRICT TIME BUDGET: A handful of sci-fi fans/amateur animators created short opening animations for the 1981 and 1983 Japan Science Fiction Conventions. The shorts have become classics, partly because those amateur animators would soon go on to form anime giant GAINAX, but mostly because they are pretty incredible pieces that feature references from a wide range of sci-fi/fantasy series.

(They skipped 1982 since Rachel Ann was in charge and she would NOT FORGIVE ANY UNAUTHORIZED USE OF LICENSED MATERIAL okay, okay, I'll get off it)

The Rapidshare link in Ragu's post has lapsed, so by all means, have a new one: http://rapidshare.de/files/12133254/Daicon_IV.avi.html. Clocks in at around 35MB, and the quality isn't exactly TOP NOTCH, but absoultely none of that matters- go download it.

I had... well, actually forgotten all about this thing during the hectic holiday season/moving out period over the past few months. Rediscovered it on my D: drive this past weekend, though, which reminded me of that previous solicitation for sci-fi heroes, which in turn reminded me of the poster I was planning- which SUCKS, since in light of recent developments, I'll most likely not be going to Otakon AFTER all, and all the other conventions I COULD go to take place at least a month BEFORE Otakon, so I probably couldn't have the pic ready in time.

I'll probably still draw it anyway. What can I say? I'm a HUGE fan of fandom-scrambles. Large part of the reason I drew Otakatamari for last year's Otakon- sure, KD is fun, and I knew folks would get a kick out of it, but most importantly, it gave me a chance to throw together a lot of random references to other properties that are near and dear to my heart. And I think that's a big factor in why I dig the Daicon IV Opening Animation so much- every time I watch this thing, I catch a new reference I didn't notice before. LET'S TAKE IT TO THE SCREENSHOTS:

After kicking the HELL out of a wide variety of mecha and kaiju (which are all probably from about fifty properties I don't recognize, outside of a Zaku from MS Gundam), the Bunny Girl goes saber-to-saber with DARTH VADER. Note the cheering stormtroopers in the background, plus garden lanterns. Stay with us, folks- we're just getting started.

Next, she's attacked by a Predator/Alien love-child, wielding the USS Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey as a staff. She's knocked down...

...only to be CRUSHED BENEATH THE FEET of what I assume is Car Voltron, less-popular younger brother to Lion Voltron. Someone fact-check me on this. ANYWAY, whoever it is gets LIFTED and CHUCKED into a nearby mountain, and we get one of the first instances of the GAINAX BOUNCE (Pretty awful animated .GIF, ~735KB)

Next, she summons her FLYING SWORD (which, according to some reports, is Stormbringer from Michael Moorcock's Elric series) and glides about a bit, and as "Twilight" reaches it's "It's either real or it's a dream/there's nothing that is inbetween" hook, we get a few rapid-fire references, including...

...A weirdly-Japanese-looking Yoda. ALSO: A one-eyed starfish that MAY OR MAY NOT be longtime JLA foe, Starro the Conqueror. Leaning towards MAY NOT, myself.

After flying over a hex-grid landscape (complete with giant dice) in formation with some fighter jets (which are definitely ANOTHER reference I'm not quite getting), we join a VICIOUS SPACE BATTLE taking place in... a coffee shop, between invading Zentradi battleships and...

... an SDF Macross look-alike, only with Captain Harlock's ship and the Space Battleship Yamato as its arms. Nevertheless, it dispatches Valkyries, which engage the enemy in front of the unnoticing giant patrons, including one I only noticed during my last viewing:

SPACE CHIEF. Dining with his mortal enemy, a Neptune Man. Pity the only reason anyone on this side of the Pacific gets this reference is because of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode- I guess Japan actually took those proto-sentai movies SERIOUSLY.

Next up, we get some rapid-fire cameos:

Legolas, Frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn. Also: Conan. The COOL one, not the shrimpy boy detective one. Or Miyazaki's Future Boy.

A Dragonrider from any of Anne McCaffrey's eight billion Pern novels, along with the Pevensies and Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia.


Kamen Rider, Jet Jaguar, Giant Robo, Nausicaä, and friends. I feel like I SHOULD know what that freaky white thing next to Nausicaä is, but I can't quite place it.

Mazinger Z is cool and all, but really, Cutey Honey's the only thing that matters in this screenshot.

There's then a sequence of scenes that deal with the TOTAL SCREWING UP of a major metropolis, which involves blowing it up GOOD and using the DAIKON-GO's GENESIS CANNON (and handy water springs) to turn the blasted landscape into a verdant paradise. Only a handful of cameos in this sequence (and again, during the hook)...

...but they're quality. At any rate, it's all moot, since we're then treated to a five-second crowd flyover that manages to DOUBLE the number of references in this thing. A SAMPLING:

And that's not even HALF of 'em!

I'll be honest with you guys- I really wanted to bring the Smutpic series back this year. Sure, I draw a lot of smut now (well, okay, not NOW, but recently), but it falls into two categories: Smut someone else requested, or Princess Peach and/or Daisy sleaze. Half the fun of the 2003 Smutpic series was coming up with characters people weren't expecting! Let's face it- I'll take any excuse I can get to pontificate for hours on trivia related to obscure fictional women. Sadly, the series is postponed 'til I get The Notorious BackL.O.G. off me. The Daicon IV Bunny Girl was on the list- I envisioned drawing her in an even BRIEFER outfit and fleeing from infatuated starship captains, superheroes, psychic anime guys and Dr. Zoidberg, but after watching the animation several more times, I realized the theme would be an ideal follow-up to my Katamari of Fandoms picture from last year. And hey, it'd allow me to work FEMALE characters into the pic, which... well, is more comfortable territory for me.

Besides, I could always update the Bunny Girl's wardrobe to fit in with the more recent properties I'd include- latex bikini with thigh-high stockings, anyone? Please?

'Course, now that I'm not going to Otakon, the need to draw such a thing doesn't seem quite so pressing. I mean, I was already preparing classy put-downs to people who'd tell me I REALLY screwed up that pic of Haruko from FLCL because her hair and eyes aren't brown. Weirdly enough, though, I STILL wanna do it. This'll give me plenty of time to work on it in time for 2007's convention season, but more to the point, it's precisely the kind of pic I love, myself- one where one finds something new every time they look at it.

SO FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LOST SLEEP wondering what possible twisted end I had planned for your favorite male characters, now you know!

GOT A BOX FROM DICK BLICK YESTERDAY. Inside were a couple rolls of aluminum armature wire of different gauges, a set of 15" calipers, a rubber-ended shaping tool and a can of Turpenoid. I'm hoping in the near future to combine these things with the block of Super Sculpey I've owned for going on two years now into something along these lines, only infinitely more horrible. WISH ME LUCK!

ALSO: The King is dead. Long Live The King.